Ludo the Unlucky, Last of the On-nom, and Orphan of the Sea


The gods did not smile upon the On-nom tribe when Ludo was born. His father was killed in a raid and in her distress, his mother went into premature labor and died. Believing Ludo to be cursed, the other families of the tribe left him and his family’s ancestral totem on the shores of a faraway coast.

A group of marauding pirates found him and, seeking profit, took him aboard, totem and all. He was bartered and traded for among pirates for a myriad of reasons until one day, when he began to walk, a soft-hearted captain decided to take him in as a son.

Raised on the open sea, Ludo took to his adopted family very well. His strength and size, though small for an ogre, were still more than any other man aboard; and he found use loading and unloading cargo, as well as hoisting sails and moving cannons. Ludo would have been content to live the life of a mariner but the gods would once again rob him of any chance of happiness.

On Ludo’s anniversary, there was a great and boisterous celebration. So loved was he by the crew that no holds were barred. The empty barrels that symbolized their libations, floated countless in the harbor. Wenches from three different towns were hired, and so raucous was their merriment that they were heard deep into their port of harbor.

A great storm cast a shadow over the ship and the mariners took its wrath as a challenge to their mirth. They doubled the efforts of their grand jubilee. Whatever force drove the storm would not be mocked and it too doubled in strength. The ship was dashed into the rocks of the shore line and began to sink. Panic and chaos followed. Ludo tried to save the drunken captain, his father, but could neither swim, nor fit easily through the door to the cabin. Though he finally was able to retrieve him, the captain had already drowned.

The morning that followed found Ludo afloat, alone with the corpse of the captain and the broken remains of his ancestral totem. Unable to swim, he was forced abandon his father’s body to the waves and use the totem to float him ashore.

Untrusted by any that come across him, Ludo was forced to survive in the wilds. He staved off madness by making dolls as companions and toys to play with. He still carries with him his family’s broken totem, marked with the On-nom crest: An animal haunch crossed with a wooden club; and the braided necklace of the captain who raised him, which he wears as a bracelet.


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