Alistan looks angrily at his younger brother. An awkward silence fills the air, only to be broken by a sigh of relief and a smirk on Alistans face. He steps towards Alistar and punches his shoulder, and Alistar does the same. They repeat the process as their expressions turn to joy before finally giving each other the most minotaruiest hug ever. After seconds of brotherly love, they push each other side, and start stretching and flexing their muscles.

“Heifer”, Alistan teases under his breath.
“Cow”, Alistar replies.
“Now listen up lil bro! There is something you need to know”


I am Alistan, Harbormaster for RAPIER.
The Royal Agency for Protecting Interdimensional Endangered Races.

Our father, Moorin, was the Man at Arms for RAPIER, and our mother was a Druid of Krynn. Father was part of a group assigned to Ansalon. He and 8 others set up base on this very island and began the work of cataloging species, researching the planes and its resources and preserving endangered species. After a couple of years he and his group managed to immerse themselves into the continent, building rapport with major ruling races, governments and peoples. He met our mother, Alina, in eastern plains and they eventually had the both of us. Others continued to build on our work while not interfering with the growth and development of each race and its cultures. All was well for many years until the event known as the Cataclysm came to pass.

During this time Krynn had plunged headlong into religious unrest and behind the scenes it had also become a beacon that seemed to attract the ancient races of dragons to its shores. Regnar, who is the master of Alchemy and the lead scientist took a particular interest in Malystryx, a Red Dragon who passes through the planes of Krynn from time to time. He told us that she was of a dying breed of rare Blood dragons that was in need of our help. He would bring her to the island at our main library deep within the Spires so that we can discuss how to protect her kind and perhaps find more. With permission, Malystryx was given the location of the island and the spires and we all gathered with excitement to meet a great rare dragon.

You may have been too young, or perhaps still in shock but I remember that day like it was just a moment ago. Malystryx came down upon us like fire from the heavens. She landed with a crash in the middle of our arena and flames shot out from all sides. Our parents burned in the fires of that wretched creature and were the first to fall. Larra and her husband Korrin, jumped into the fight yelling for us to get out and save the others. As the others ran, Glindor came running in to aid Larra and Korrin and using a special gnomish device ported Malystryx away but not before she engulfed the elven couple and Glindor in flames.
After the battle, Regnar arrived claiming treachery from the dragon and returned with news of the Cataclysm within Krynn. The tragedy that befell everyone and the state of the continent was devastating, and too grief stricken to question what had just happened, the others decided to go our separate ways. Away from the memories of the night and the fire that burned our friends.

A week ago dragons began to appear in the skies, and battles from on high flashed in the night. A strange ship appeared on our harbors in the mist. It was Regnar and five strange darks skinned men and a large company of guards, human and lizard-like folk. They attacked and took you and hid you away from me. Alistan stomped the ground, and shouted he must pay for his murder and treachery!

Alistar, in my short reunion with the others, Korwin has told me of our heritage. We are descendants of the Great Bull, the minotaur lord of Romacia. We must avenge our parents deaths and kill Regnar. I can take a good look at a t-bone by sticking my head up a butchers …. wait that’s not it … One nose ring to rule them … no that’t not it either ….

A clinking sound, and then footsteps echo throughout the dungeon and the distant approach of soldiers clouds Alistans memory even further… As he ponders his last word, you may have time for one final question.


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