Dragons of Haven Shores

A Web of Mystery

Ludo slowly awakens into darkness and clenches his head as he rises from the ground. His body aches and he feels as if he has been asleep for hours, days, WEEKS, as he stops to think about which. Suddenly a candle is lit not to far away, and a gnome in a sterotypical red beanie can be seen under the light. Around them the bodies of Alistar, Korra, and Alyxia can be seen on the mossy stone floor of the now revealed cave.

WATER!”, Korra yells as she wakes up startled and gasping for air. She launches herself into the shallow pool of water and begins to swim back and forth.

The others rise to their feet, and look around trying to determine where they are, what happened and why they got here. Around the cave they find some boxes of rotting rations, a broken down desk, a barrel of soaked gunpowder, and familiar runes on the ground around where they laid.

“The runes!”, Glingle exclaims, as if the sight of them rushed a surge of memories into his head. “We all must have ported here from the temple.”

Korra emerged from the pool with the barrel, and proceeded to look around the walls of the cave. Alistar searches other crates arund the cave only to find more smelly old rations. Alyxia feels around the opposite side of the cave and walks straight into some rather thick and still sticky webbing.

UGH, gross”, she yells trying to get it off her face and out of her hair.

“Shhh”, whispers Glingle, “Do you hear that?”

As the group freezes to listen, the sound of Ludo breathing heavily echoes in the dark. Then a faint sound skittering, can be heard from all around the entrance of the cave.

SPIDER!!!”, Ali yells as he reaches for his weapon and remembers he doesn’t have one.

The rest of the party reach for their weapons and ready themselves for battle.

On the opposite side, a green giant spiders crawl in from the roof of the caves, while three black spiders attack from below.

Alyxia looses 2 arrows at the green arachnid, while Korra begins to cast a spell of summoning. Ludo and Alistar bump fists and proceed to jump across the pool and charge 2 of the spiders in sight. As the large members of the party connect with their targets, a bolt from Glingle’s crossbow finds its mark in one of the spiders eyes. Another 2 arrows hit its target as a giant eagle appears out of nowhere and aids the party in their battle.

The fight rages on as 4 more spiders appear from the darkness. The eagle continues to attack the green spiders as Korra summons a sphere of flame onto the battlefield. Glingle and Alyxia provide more ranged support for the orgre and the minotaur tanking and charging any enemy that appears on the ground. Another 3 crawl out from the shadow and break through the front ranks intent on killing the attackers from behind. A ball of fire rolls around the field, burning webs and attacking spiders as they arrive. A spider dies, 2 more appear.

A green spider drops down and attacks Korra, and another jumps onto Glingle.

“Got one!”, yells Alistar as he gores a spider to death. Another green spider drops to the ground and lunges at Ludo, only to miss and bite the ogre’s opponent, killing it instantly.

“Me too!”, replies Ludo in an unsure voice, switching his focus to the green spider on the ground.

The spiders begin to fall, but the heroes are starting to wary. Suddenly the ground begins to shake more noticeably and out of the blackness of the cave emerges the hugest spider the heroes have ever seen.

Alyxia loosens two more arrows killing 2 of the spiders at the ground, when Korra falls to the ground unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

Surveying the battlefield, Glingle looks at the remaining green spider that just knocked his partymate out, another 2 black spiders fighting with Ludo, and Alistar stomping towards the huges spider that just entered the fight. He pulls out hit weapon and momentarily appears fades out of sight. Alistar lowers his horns, speeds up and charges at the huge arachnid. As Ludo and Alyxia take out one of the remaining black spiders, Glingle reappears at the back of the other and stabs it in its back causing it to fall to the ground dead.

“Check on Korra!”, Glingle yells as he and Ludo turn their attentions to the last monster. Alyxia rushes to Korra and checks her vitals. She takes out some bandages and some herbs and tries to heal Korra of her wounds.

“She’s not looking good!!”, she tells the group frantically trying to stabilize her friend.

“Keep trying”, Ludo replies, swinging at the spiders face and taking hits its long limbs.

The 3 adventurers continue to trade blows with the spider, stabbing, goring, and striking swng after swing,. Alyxia continues on and on to stabilize her fellow elf when all of a sudden Korra gasps for air!

“She’s alive!”, Alyxia yells spinning around and drawing her bow. She looses 1, 2, 3, 4 arrows at the spider and with a shriek of pain, it finally falls to the ground shaking the walls of the cave.

Finally the heroes exclaim, as they collect themselves from a long, almost endless battle. With what remaining potions they have at hand, they heal Korra and rest to regain their strength.

After some time, they find a few torches and head out of the cave before any n

Haven in the Mist III
Runes are pretty...

Bellows in the night …

Charlie and Lilo smell treasure …

A wild dungeon appears …

Runes are pretty …

Mystery at the clawed stadium …

An elf, a human, a dwarf and a kender walk into a bar ….

Statues are bad, mmkay …

Back to the runes …

Mysterious Runes lead to a mysterious altar. A book, a scroll, a hammer, and a bag. Where will the road lead next?

Knowing when to run: 100 Each
Statues Puzzle: 100 Each
Statues Combat: 200 Each
Dungeoneering Bonus: 50 for Glingle
Good Role Playing Bonus: 50 for Korra & Ludo
Session XP: 100 Each

WP: 50 for Glingle, Ludo, Alyxia

Haven in the Mist II
Fly you fools!

Ludo washes ashore…
Monkeys attack …
Sieged in the night …
Methuselah shows his strength …
Fly to the Ruins …

Leaping Lizards …

Charlie and Lilo …

Camping at the swamp …

The adventurers head towards a temple with very little understanding why. When will everything be clear? What are they doing on this island?

First Combat XP: 100 Each
Second Combat XP: 200 Each
Choice to save the Jackals: 100 for Korra & Alyxia
Good Role Playing Bonus: 100 for Glingle & Ludo
Session XP: 100 Each

Sigil XP: 100 for Ludo
Story XP: 100 for Ludo

W: 200 Each

Haven in the Mist I
A summary of events

Glingle slowly wakes …
Alixia open her eyes …
Korra stirs …
Methusaleh walks …
Constance sells …
Regnar brews …

A 1 time use box & bag full of questions, missing guardians, and a mysterious Island full of wonder, adventure, and a new beginning!


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